How the system works

The PowerLanguage Platform has 4 sections.

A prescriptive section in the form of planners and their associated resources, have been created in order to guide teachers and to support progression. These planners are flexible and easy to use. The resources attached to them - whether they are animations, videos or PowerPoint documents - include sound files recorded by native speakers. This section of the platform has brought considerable relief and confidence to many primary colleagues!

A responsive section which allows direct support to individual teachers. Teachers can choose and access a large selection of specific resources, developed to suit their needs. In French, for instance, we have over 100 dossiers, ranging from Antarctica to the Victorian era. These resources enable teachers to embed the target language even further into their learning contexts, which, we believe, is a key element to successful language teaching and learning.

The next section of the Platform is entitled Language Tips and contains short animations which are aimed at refreshing and developing teachers’ linguistic abilities. Our Language Tips include grammatical points, rules of pronunciation and cultural explanations. More advanced or language specialist teachers have also found them useful as these animations can be used directly with pupils as well.

The final section of our PL Platform is entitled From your colleagues. Teachers produce tremendous resources which can be shared with colleagues via our platform. Our native tutors will go over each submitted document, correct and improve it when necessary, before uploading it back onto the Platform. We've put together a short video to show you how the Platform works.